Sharing Cars in the Hudson Valley

Do you know what CSA stands for? Until early this month, in the localization movement, it meant one thing: Community Supported Agriculture. Now it takes on a second meaning: Car Sharing Association. Two weeks ago, 18 carsharing companies officially formed the organization. The companies represent about 2,000 cars shared by 50,000 people. One reason for joining forces, according to CSA head Sharon Feigon, CEO of I-GO Car Sharing in Chicago, was to make clear the distinction between local carsharing and the kind of cars on demand services now being provided by big rental companies like Hertz. The CSA views carsharing more as an extention of a city’s public transit system.

The CSA website describes carsharing on its website:

“Carsharing is designed for local users in support of community transit and environmental goals. Its mission, vision and values lead to actions aimed at decreasing personal car ownership, reducing vehicle distance travelled, improving urban land use and development, providing affordable access to vehicles for all constituencies, as well as motivating residents to walk, cycle and take buses and trains, and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels while reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.”

What you can do: Form a group to discuss ways to get a carsharing company to come to the Hudson Valley region.

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