Pete Seeger Action Hero Doll

It’s a sad commentary on our culture that kids (and adults) now look up to characters from TV commercials to gauge heroic behavior. Rather than creating heroes whose job it is to promote consumerism, maybe we need a hero or two that promotes environmental and social justice. One such local Hudson Valley hero would, of course, be Pete Seeger.

Although Pete himself might be mortified, a Pete Seeger action doll seems more worthy than the latest round of talking action figures from HeroBuilders. According to HeroBuilder’s owner Emil Vicale, the action figures embody TV’s newest trend in advertising — ultra-masculine male characters.

“I’m tired of all this sensitivity in men,” said Vicale in an phone interview with AOLNews. “As soon as the Old Spice guy came out, I said, ‘I gotta do it.’ And, along with the Mayhem guy, these are men finally acting like men.”

Ultra-masculine male characters? Men acting like men? This is a man who faced down the notorious House Unamerican Activities Committee. A guy unflagging in his support for Justice and the Environmental Way.  A man with a machine that surrounds hate and forces it to surrender! Pete still wears flannel shirts and chops wood in his 90s! Try that Mayhem Man.

As far as our research team can determine, the closest Pete has come to being immortalized as a toy figure is the Lady Who Swallowed the Fly doll, “based on the song by the legendary Pete Seeger. It comes with all the animals the old lady swallowed from horse to cow to goat, dog, cat, bird, spider and the fly. Each animal fits into her mouth and can be stored in her tummy.”

HeroBuilders does build custom dolls, however. Pete’s could say “If humans are still around 100 years from now…” or maybe a line from his House Unamerican Activities Committee testimony: “Sir, I refuse to answer that question whether it was a quote from the New York Times or the Vegetarian Journal.”

2 Responses to Pete Seeger Action Hero Doll
  1. laura
    March 4, 2011 | 7:55 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS….this is awesome. Pete is a true american hero..Love him..and I would so buy this doll. :)

    • admin
      March 4, 2011 | 11:01 pm

      Me too. Of course the Pete Seeger Action Hero Figure would come with wool hat, jeans, flannel shirt, banjo, and ax.

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