Hudson Valley Labor Rallies in Support of Wisconsin Workers

In a show of solidarity with Wisconsin workers, the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation organized a rally at Rock Tavern late last week. In addition to a dozen speakers who stressed the basic right of workers to negotiate a contract, there was a rendition of “Which Side Are You On?” with Pete Seeger joining Jerry Ebert from Teamsters Local 445. Several custom verses were added that referred to the fight in Wisconsin.

In his column today for the New York Times, Degrees and Dollars, Paul Krugman is talking not about the situation in Wisconsin directly, but about education and the “hollowing out” of medium-wage jobs — “the kinds of jobs we count on to support a strong middle class”—by modern technology. In conclusion, he writes:

So if we want a society of broadly shared prosperity, education isn’t the answer — we’ll have to go about building that society directly. We need to restore the bargaining power that labor has lost over the last 30 years, so that ordinary workers as well as superstars have the power to bargain for good wages.



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