Climate Change Workshop

I’ve been to quite a few climate change talks in the past couple of years, notching up the long term weather forecast from speakers like Al Gore, Jim Hansen, and Bill McKibben, among others. After a while, it can get a bit…depressing. Especially when every single attendee arrives via private automobile, commiserates, then heads back to a daily life filled with fossil fuel consumption at every turn. Nevertheless, we soldier on. And after a mid summer break to recharge our solar powered rechargeable batteries, Hudson Valley Green is back with daily reports.
To start off here are the details of the workshop being held this coming Monday, July 25, 2011:
From Here to There:
Transportation for a Changing Climate
Monday: July 25, 2011
Starting at Noon
(BYO lunch). Talks from 12:45 p.m. – 4:00 pm
Norrie Point Environmental Center (256 Norrie Point Way, Staatsburg, NY)
Also available anywhere via Webinar 12:45 – 4 p.m.
(please register, information will be sent at a later date)


Registration and information at: 


RSVP by July 22


*Achieving 2050 mitigation goals in the Transportation Sector*
John Zamurs of the Department of Transportation and member of Transportation and Land Use Mitigation workgroup of the NYS Climate Action Council; Mr. Zamurs will cover information on how we can work toward a lower carbon future via land use, alternative fuels, and transportation methods.Read the Climate Action Plan chapter report here:


*Increasing Energy Efficiency & Alternative Energy in Transportation Sector*
Albany NYDouglas Melnick of the Office of Energy and Sustainability; Mr. Melnick will describe how Albany is transforming their fleet to hybrids, developing a study on electric vehicle chargers, using solar powered trash cans, and much more.


* Electric Vehicles for a Greener Future *
Seith Leitman Author and Editor of Green Guru Guides; Mr. Lietman will provide an overview of the workings of an electric car and insight into the transformation of American transportation to electric vehicles.


* Are Biofuels Sustainable: Biodiesel and Ethanol *
Jerry Robock of Community Biofuels LLC.; Mr. Robock will showcase his converted Mercedes and present on the viability of converting biomass feedstock into alternative fuels and the future of biofuels as we move to electric transportation fuel.


This event is free and of interest to municipal staff and officials, conservation advisory councils, members of climate smart communities, state and local natural resource managers, watershed managers and others.


Sponsored by the Hudson Valley Climate Change Network and NYS DEC Office of Climate Change . Coordinated by: Emile Hauser and Melanie Moore, Hudson River National Esturine Research Reserve; Kristin Marcell, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation; and  Ellen Weiss, The Nature Conservancy
2 Responses to Climate Change Workshop
  1. Steve Knowles
    July 21, 2011 | 12:31 am

    Climate has always changed, always will. The Earth has been warming for the past 18,000 years or so (since the end of the last glacial retreat); how long the warming will continue, nobody knows. There is no evidence that man’s activities are causing the Earth to warm, or climate to change. In fact, the data has shown no global warming during the past 10 years or so (thus the reason to revert to “climate change” as a way to con people. “Climate Change” is just an attempt to control many people, while a few people make a TON of money from it.

  2. Anna
    July 25, 2011 | 12:42 pm

    The people denying climate change are the ones “making TONS of money”. Which, since money isn’t measured by weight, makes no sense, esp if you are a geologist.

    What does it matter to you that some people are worried about climate change, which scientists agree is happening and that chemicals in the air are causing it. Since the people trying to conserve aren’t hurting you, why do you have make your comments? Are you a geologist for Exxon? Why would it matter to you?

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