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Saving the Land That Matters Most

storm king mountain

In the 1960s, quoting from the New York Times, a “handful of local gentry”  led by Franny Reese, stopped Consolidated Edison from destroying Storm King Mountain. From that battle came Scenic Hudson, and ultimately, in 1969, the Environmental Protection Agency. Imagine if that fight had been not just about Storm King, but every mountaintop in…

Fracking: Who’s Got Chutzpah?


An article in the New York Times February 1 says oil companies have injected tens of millions of gallons of diesel fuel into the earth as part of their fracking operations. Between the E.P.A.’s vague rulings and the oil companies’ dissembling, it’s hard to separate incompetence from evil doings. Best quote in the article goes…

Drilling Project in Chelsea
Could Get Noisy

View Larger Map A New York City Department of Environmental Protection drilling project in Chelsea has some residents worried about noise from the operation. DEP is seeking permission from the Town  of Wappingers Planning Board to drill three 8-inch-diameter holes reaching 750 feet deep to take sediment core samples ahead of drilling a water shaft…

Fracking at Stewart
State Forest?

Jan 11 press release from the Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition (SPARC) The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) wants the right to lease our public lands, namely 441 state forests throughout New York State, totaling 786,329 acres, to gas drilling companies for extraction of gas by shale fracturing or ‘fracking‘.  They are also willing…