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Fight the Power: Why Joining a CSA is a Radical Act


Special viewing of “The Economics of Happiness” tonight in Beacon, NY New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman opens his essay of Sunday, March 19: It is hard to read the news from Japan to the Persian Gulf and then reflect on American politics and not conclude, as scientists would say, that we’re running an uncontrolled…

“Our Food System is Incredibly Absurd”

Polyface_Eggmobile_Chickens  Polyface Farms photo

Rather than become overwhelmed into inaction by all the problems of the world, Ana Sophia Joanes decided to pick one and make a movie about it, focusing on the solution. “Fresh” opens with a look at the ills of modern food production in

What’s For Lunch? Two Angry Moms Find Out.

A student in New York prepares her salad.  Photo by Kate Adamick

“It’s not about the cupcakes,” says one of the two angry moms in the film “Two Angry Moms”.  She’s talking about how eliminating the long-standing practice of celebrating birthdays in school with cupcakes is the centerpiece in the backlash against concerned parents who are trying to change what their kids  are eating in the lunchroom. …

What Are Hudson Valley Kids Eating?

Two Angry Moms movie poster for Common Ground Farm showing

Common Ground Farm invites moms and dads to join them in watching a film about how two mothers came together to make a big change in the school lunch system. Stay for a discussion about successful efforts in our own community and what parents can do to help bring real food  and healthier choices into…

GM Foods and Your Health


Next week there will be a presentation on genetically modified foods at the Elting Memorial Library in New Paltz. The Hudson Valley Green recently posted the full video of “The World According to Monsanto”, a fascinating look at one of the word’s most powerful agribusiness companies. Many of the potential problems associated with genetically modifying…

USDA Adds Alfalfa to Growing List of GM Crops


On January 27, the Agriculture Department ruled in favor of allowing widespread planting of genetically modified alfalfa. Proponents of genetically modified plants sited higher crop yields and reduced prices for consumers in the grocery store. Organic growers worry that their crops will be contaminated through pollination. Biotech companies say they will voluntarily restrict where their…

Local Harvest Skillshare Coming to Walden

Learn how to make kefir sodas, raise organic chickens in your back yard, identify local mushrooms, organically manage pests, and more at this all-day seminar coming up later next month in Walden, NY. This Seed and Sow skill share will be held Sunday, Feb. 20, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Hodgson Farm…