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Recycle Your Electronics

Civilization marches onward!  Dispose of your cathode ray tube television or last year’s phone model in a civilized way. Zero to Go sends us this timely reminder: THIS WEEKEND! October 14/15, Poughkeepsie: Electronics Recycling Day. 12-4pm at the Hudson Valley Marketplace, 130 Salt Point Turnpike. Suggested donation of $5. Friday 10/14 is for businesses, and…

Sewage Continues to Flow into Beacon Harbor

Sample tray from 9 PM, 9/30 sample, 1/10 dilution. All wells fluorescing indicating result >24,196 Entero per 100 ml - more than 397 times the EPA guideline for acceptable water quality (61 Entero per 100/ml). Photo courtesy Riverkeeper

Water from this discharge pipe is “very contaminated” A Water Quality Update from Riverkeeper 11:44am 10/03/2011: Riverkeeper returned to the Beacon Harbor discharge on Friday evening 9/30/11 and found the flow from the pipe was stronger than when we sampled last on Friday September 23rd. The characteristic sewage smell and grey color were still evident….

Sewage Discharging in Beacon Harbor


Hudson Valley Green received a Water Quality Alert from Riverkeeper late this afternoon: Raw sewage is flowing into the Beacon Harbor from a pipe at the northeastern corner of the Harbor. Discovered by a member of the public on Saturday, September 17, the discharge has been flowing for at least 10 days.  Riverkeeper sampled the…

Dutchess County Incinerator Gets Thumbs Down

Dutchess County stoke-incinerator

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance in Washington, DC, recently called the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency’s incinerator “a financial albatross on that county’” going from $1 million  in subsidies to $6 million in five years, with $32 million in current debt. (It seems that very little of that money went into developing a DCRRA website…

Bring Out Your Dead (Electronics, Batteries, etc.)

pile of discarded electronics

You’ve been saving up your toxic household recycleables all year, right? Well now’s the time to let them go. This weekend  Sustainable Hudson Valley is collecting old computers, electronics, and batteries at its offices in Kingston. It’s open to all, and the fee is $10 per carload. Check the Hudson Valley Green event calendar for…

Goshen Sewers Spew Waste Again

Combined Sewer Overflow

Last week Hudson Valley Green posted a video of a Beacon manhole cover bubbling over with raw sewage only yards from where the Fishkill Creek enters the Hudson River. One year ago, Riverkeeper filed an intent to sue under violations of the Clean Water Act against the City of Beacon and the Town of Goshen….

City Working to Stop Raw Sewage
From Entering Hudson River

beacon sewer cover

The Department of Environmental Conservation has been after the City of Beacon since the mid-nineties to do something about raw sewage that pours into the Fishkill Creek and Hudson River after heavy rains. But it took a Notice of Intent to Sue for Clean Water Act (CWA) violations against the City by Riverkeeper to finally…

Riverkeeper and Clearwater File
Against Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Indian Point spent nuclear fuel

HUDSON VALLEY, NY – Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and Riverkeeper jointly filed a new legal challenge on January 24, 2011 with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (“Board”) seeking to compel the NRC to assess the environmental impacts and safety concerns of indefinitely storing toxic nuclear waste on the banks of…