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Tunnel Is Missing Link for Beacon Trail

View Larger Map Last week, Mayor-elect Randy Casale led a group of Metro-North engineers and Scenic Hudson staff on an expedition to find the missing link, in the form of a long-forgotten tunnel. Except it wasn’t really that long ago that the long-forgotten tunnel was remembered. It’s just that we forgot about it again rather…

Compost Party! You’re Invited!

Bring your metal rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows   Many farms in the Hudson Valley suffered severe losses and damage from the tropical rainstorms in late August.  In Beacon, farmer Tim Heuer of Common Ground Farm considers the situation there to be better than that of many farms on the other side of the Hudson, where…

Climate Change Workshop

I’ve been to quite a few climate change talks in the past couple of years, notching up the long term weather forecast from speakers like Al Gore, Jim Hansen, and Bill McKibben, among others. After a while, it can get a bit…depressing. Especially when every single attendee arrives via private automobile, commiserates, then heads back…

“Snow is Good”

Snow is Good lecture at the Cary Institute in Millbrook, NY

Last night 2 dozen or so brave souls ventured into a snowstorm to view “The Economics of Happiness” presented by the Garrison Institute. See yesterday’s post for more information and a film clip. We’ll have a review later today. THVG has a copy of the film, and is planning several showings in the Hudson Valley….