Hudson Valley Homeowner? You’re Eligible For Free Solar!

Vintage clothespins on Etsy

Spring is here in the Hudson Valley, and that means transitioning from folding drying racks that use your household heat (and help keep the winter air from becoming too dry) to your outdoor clothesline. Hanging clothes on a sunny day with a light breeze can be a truly meditative experience. There really is no excuse…

Cary Institute presents briefing on President’s Deepwater Spill Commission

Frances Bernecke, president of National Resources Defense Council

The arctic ice is melting? Good news! So much easier to drill, drill, drill. The international oil industry is foaming at the mouth to get in there and, to borrow a favorite phrase of our Driller in Chief, “Make no mistake” they/we will be drilling in the arctic sooner rather than later. That was one…

A Manufacturing Renaissance in the Hudson Valley


The movement to localize our food sources is already underway, but many don’t think we’ll realistically be able to bring back much in the way of local manufacturing. The buttons above are from a collection of 82 being auctioned this month at the Copake Bicycle Auction. Most feature various bicycle manufacturers, many from New York…

U-Rent it: Car sharing joins the social web (or hive?)


EcoMash™ looks at the newest trend in car sharing First she helped create Zipcar, now Robin Chase is working with Mobivia Groupe to roll out Buzzcar in France. It’s all about leveraging excess capacity via smartphone application. In other words, you tap into the hive behavior to rent your car. Peer to peer renting seems…

Big Night for Amphibian Crossings

spotted salamander

At some point in the last month we must have signed up as volunteer salamander crossing guards with the Department of Environmental Conservation. Which explains why we received an email yesterday giving us the heads-up that last night held the possibility of being Big Night for parts of the Hudson Valley. Big Night is a…

Sustainable Learning, plus “Gasland” tonight


A special “things to do” version of EcoMash™ You are most likely aware of the gas-mileage of your car. But what about your home? What type of energy do you use, and how much of it? Do you know if your home is “renewable-energy ready?” Find out about Integrated Renewable Energy Consulting, Bioclimatic analysis, and…

Open Space Institute tags a half million acres as suitable for sustainable development in Catskill region

Open Space Institute preferred growth map of Catskill region

Report indicates that growth can occur without harming the region’s farmland, water and other open space resources The Open Space Institute released a report this month identifying what it says are 500,000 acres of “preferred growth” land in the Catskills. OSI says this is more than 10 times the amount likely to be developed in…

What is Climate Justice?


Climate justice falls under the larger scope of environmental justice, which applies the tenets of social justice to the environment. As an extension of a project it worked on in Peekskill with Citizens for Equal Environmental Protection of the Hudson Valley (CEEP),  Clearwater is implementing a Climate Justice initiative in four Hudson Valley cities. With funding…

Bring Out Your Dead (Electronics, Batteries, etc.)

pile of discarded electronics

You’ve been saving up your toxic household recycleables all year, right? Well now’s the time to let them go. This weekend  Sustainable Hudson Valley is collecting old computers, electronics, and batteries at its offices in Kingston. It’s open to all, and the fee is $10 per carload. Check the Hudson Valley Green event calendar for…

EcoMash: Happy World Water Day!

Beacon, Breakneck, and Storm King

EcoMash for 3/22/11 Not that you needed Hudson Valley Green to remind you, but today is World Water Day, an  initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro… (Not to be confused with Waterworld Day Our region is defined by water, and one of…

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Pioneer Living Past and Present

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Beacon Development: How Much Parking?

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MTA Sneaking in Big New Beacon Parking Lot <br />Under Disaster Relief Ruse?

MTA Sneaking in Big New Beacon Parking Lot
Under Disaster Relief Ruse?

The MTA is installing 94 new parking spots at the Beacon waterfront. Although MetroNorth apparently…Read More »

The Green Economy Arrives in Hudson Valley Tomorrow

The Green Economy Arrives in Hudson Valley Tomorrow

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Hospital Conversion Plans in Beacon Meet Heavy Opposition

Hospital Conversion Plans in Beacon Meet Heavy Opposition

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Sewage Continues to Flow into Beacon Harbor

Sewage Continues to Flow into Beacon Harbor

Water from this discharge pipe is “very contaminated” A Water Quality Update from Riverk…Read More »

Sewage Discharging in Beacon Harbor

Sewage Discharging in Beacon Harbor

Hudson Valley Green received a Water Quality Alert from Riverkeeper late this afternoon: Raw sewage …Read More »

Today is Car-Free day around the world

Today is Car-Free day around the world

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